Oldowan screen shot   Pencil and pen sketch from yesterday

Oldowan – First Tool technology –  the oldest tools on archeological record.

A few months ago as I walked along the top of a ridge of the South Downs just outside Lewes in East Sussex, I found two ‘worked’ flint stones and a hollow bone. I was about to embark on my final component on the 3 year professional Shamanic Practitioner Training at the Sacred Trust under the tutelage of anthropologist Simon Buxton. 

This one particular stone fitted my thumb like a glove. As I dropped into the hollow of it I began to wonder about our own stories of our first tool. The moment we achieved a first mark, first scrape, first arrow at the first kill and how we have lost the ability to be in accord with our own Oldowan. How,  as we have become more human, and questionably more civilised over the thousands of years, we have forgotten our true nature, and our primal technologies.  Cutting out our instincts, chipping away too much of our wild selves which dwell deep within and alongside the Spirit of Nature herself. Masterfully crafting the great divide of heart and mind, ego and spirit. Diminishing our trust of anything we cannot see, explain, evidence or rationalise, we wonder why we have become so polarised and conflicted.

As Jospeh Campbell reminds us we added the horns to the god of nature and turned him into the devil.

And so I hold this first tool; this object of indigenous technology wondering about our own beginnings and endings.  I am reminded of the great Oroborus – how she twists to find her tail in her mouth as she represents the Eternal Sun.  Head and tail conjoined, undivided in a constant flow.

I have witnessed enough now that I believe and stand in awe of our potential and innate ability to heal each other, and our selves. Given the right methods and personal discipline how we can see into our lives and access useful life changing information.  By using simple divinatory technologies we can remember how it is to listen deeply and wonder at the Sacred.

If this resonates and you would like to join me in this first of many unique workshops  please do get in touch via my website, social media channels or email.   I offer my experience of three decades of teaching and running workshops, circles and working as an artist. This unique course will combine cross cultural shamanic methods, ceremony, creativity,  and initiation over two days We will be working in Sacred Partnership, sharpening our seeing skills, helping you to attain a stronger sense of your self.


Spaces are limited to 6. 

We will work in a heated yurt and out on the land, from 10 – 5pm

Cost: £160 dates TBC

You need to be comfortable working in darkness and with the unseen.

Oldowan course

2 day course Working towards a greater part of the whole - applying cross cultural shamanic practise, pair work, ceremony and symbology. You will need to be comfortable working in the dark.



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