Emily creates a warm and welcoming  environment in which she shares her knowledge thoroughly and passionately.

I attended Emily’s circle a year ago, looking for some kind of ‘Other’ I was surprised how quickly I found it with her help – she put me in touch with a part of myself that I hadn’t realised was there all along. Emily’s approach is none-judgmental and her knowledge is thorough whilst remaining open to new possibilities – an essential attribute in a teacher. Her guidance is gentle and yet firm, you always feel in safe hands.

I called on Emily to ‘clear’ our living and working spaces when things around us as a family seemed inexplicably out of balance – we had long felt that there was an uncomfortable presence in our home. Her professional and incite-full attitude was reassuring and enlightening. Through various means Emily brought harmony to both spaces and as a family we feel that we have honoured the past as well as protected ourselves in the present.

I cannot recommend Emily more highly as a guide and facilitator to find new strengths within yourself – in my opinion it is an essential toolbox in this demanding and complex time.

A.N.  – Artist Filmmaker and Sculptor


It has been such a joy to work with Emily facilitating my shamanic journeys. She creates a safe space, is intuitive, supportive and so insightful. She has enabled me to deepen my spiritual practice making profound shifts through some of my life blocks by helping me to set clear intentions to gain answers from my guides.

I would recommend her to anyone looking to undertake shamanic journeys to enlighten their spiritual path

Dr. John Simmons – NHS GP, Medical Doctor of Integrative and Holistic Medicine. 


I attend both Emily’s weekly shamanic circles and  have one to one sessions with her, always without fail they have been delivered with clarity, empathy, humour and insight.  Having never journeyed before, being  taught and shown the history and theory behind Shamanic work has really helped to embed the process.

Emily holds the space in a manner which allows you to feel totally at ease and safe, enabling you to intend and journey with lucidity.

Journey well,

Bea Simmons – NHS Integrative Health Manager 

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