Emily provided me with a distance healing which came at a time in my life where I needed clarity. She did the work and relayed the information with amazing insight, which gave me guidance and an understanding that I had not come to before in my years of spiritual work as a yoga therapist with 25 years of experience working in the field of spiritual healing myself. I realised what a blessing it was to have Emily’s expert healing, insight, vision and support even from way across the pond. She was able to clearly articulate her findings in a way that truly resonated with my soul. Her integrity, honesty and professionalism enable me to wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone on a healing journey. Perri Van Rossem, Yoga therapist CIAYT Canada 

Emily creates a warm and welcoming  environment in which she shares her knowledge thoroughly and passionately.I attended Emily’s circle a year ago, looking for some kind of ‘Other’ I was surprised how quickly I found it with her help – she put me in touch with a part of myself that I hadn’t realised was there all along. Emily’s approach is none-judgmental and her knowledge is thorough whilst remaining open to new possibilities – an essential attribute in a teacher. Her guidance is gentle and yet firm, you always feel in safe hands.I called on Emily to ‘clear’ our living and working spaces when things around us as a family seemed inexplicably out of balance – we had long felt that there was an uncomfortable presence in our home. Her professional and incite-full attitude was reassuring and enlightening. Through various means Emily brought harmony to both spaces and as a family we feel that we have honoured the past as well as protected ourselves in the present.I cannot recommend Emily more highly as a guide and facilitator to find new strengths within yourself – in my opinion it is an essential toolbox in this demanding and complex time. A.N. artist, filmmaker & Sculptor

Emily creates a safe space, is intuitive, supportive and so insightful. She has enabled me to deepen my spiritual practice and as a result I have made  profound shifts throughout some of my life. Dr. John Simmons, NHS GP, Medical Doctor of Integrative and Holistic Medicine

Having started the menopause, I was feeling lost and adrift. Emily has really enabled me to regain my spirit and confidence, we have worked with my female lineage and ancestors and Emilys work has been instrumental in me regaining my power.
I have gained a real sense of connection with myself which has enabled the transition into the menopause a positive experience I started working with Emily a couple of years ago, knowing very little of shamanic work. Emily led me through the Harner Shamanic Counceling method. I use my guides on a daily basis and have gained a real sense of connection with myself.
B. Simmons,   NHS Integrative Health manager Sussex

I had been suffering with painful excema on my hands, Emily’s session abated the condition considerably Vanessa Lucas Newhaven 

 Emily facilitated the Harner Shamanic Counseling (HSC)™ sessions for me.  I found Emily’s presence and facilitation style very grounded and nurturing. The counseling took place a few years ago, and in hindsight I can see how it has impacted my life. I went on to create some nature based artwork influenced by intimacy with landscape and began to experience a much deeper relationship with the environment, my dreams and my writing.  T. Gould, Writer & Meditation teacher 

I have attended one of Emily’s Circles in the yurt, which is a sanctuary of earthy womblike loveliness. She holds a wonderful, safe and connected ceremonial space. The journey and ritual we undertook on Samhain was really quite extraordinary and healing. T. Gould,  Writer & Meditation teacher 

Emily’s style is a down-to-earth practical and lived experience which has given me courage and confidence to live a fuller and more authentic life. Thank you Emily  Isobel Smith MA. RCA 


I know in Emily a wonderful witch, in the sense of the old way; a community builder creating circle around the sacred hearth and empowering others to their wholeness.In terms of magical practice, or shamanic practice, Emily is someone able to breath in their own power and through that exemplify the holding of spiritual power to others. Her integrity and discipline in adherence to the traditions of the lineages she stands in and her absolute dedication to her path are true and real. I believe that some people are chosen to hold circles and that Emily is one of these people and am thankful to have her near. Of myself I would say I am very fussy when giving myself to the hands of others in the facilitation of healing of communication with Spirit. I would, without hesitation, highly recommend Emily to anyone seeking the services of a shamanic practitioner in this area of further afield. She would be worth travelling for. The healings I have had with her have most certainly had a tangible and positive effect on my life. Leora Honeyman  – Research based maker & artist 

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