Shamanic healing

These times of endless labels and ‘mental health’ conditions, leave our heads full & our hearts empty.

In the shamanic and animistic cosmologies it is understood that everything that isis alive. This being understood we can assume that as well as ourselves, our homes, buildings, land, rivers, oceans, trees and so on at some point, hold suffering.

It is also understood within shamanism that there are just a handful of reasons for illness. Gaping voids are left open through unresolved trauma, resulting in a loss of power and vitality. Left unattended, as nature abhors a vacuum, as night follows day, the void can fill, with negative and harmful thought patterns, which over time, can lead to disease, addictions and powerlessness.  Intentional or unintentional words can be sent out and, again left unattended, unaware of, leave us wounded, bound up,  unable to break free from. Ancestral wounds passed down the line and taken on board without question, left unattended affecting our daily lives.

The intention with a shamanic healing session is to bring about the restoration of power. That which was empty to fill. That which has left to be retrieved. That which has been bound up to be unravelled, and so on. Allowing the life force to continue to flow and the balance to be reset. Tipping the scales, shifting the satellite to gain a full signal as it were. To bring us back in full alignment with All That Is.

A typical healing session will take up to 1 to 3 hours. I will embark on a Journey with a specific intention. Chasing and hunting the light in the dark, with the help of various tools and guides. With the intention of moving, and rehoming misplaced energies and entities, using the sonic drive and rapid beat of my drum. Where necessary or requested I will use other methods, which could involve a healing walk, contacting and requesting information from the land spirits, creating a piece of sacred art to be used as a ‘gateway’ for a dying loved one, or perhaps a divination session is needed for more pressing answers. What is required from you is a commitment to embark on any integration work that is required for your healing given on return from the Journey.

For it is not just in this reality that we have a huge backlog of homeless and suffering beings.Simon Buxton Founder of The Sacred Trust.

Distant Shamanic Healing

Due to Covid restrictions I am currently offering distant 1:1 zoom healing sessions COST: £95 for the first hour then £25 / hour thereafter.


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