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Create your own halig bowl

Halig, is an old english word which translates to, that which is made holy or sacred. What is the difference then, between normal and ordinary, versus sacred and holy? I believe a world. A lifetime perhaps? Switching our attention and emphasis on to that which has the potential to transform our life. Understanding that the quality of our intention, clarity and focus has the ability to transform, transmute and heal. Such a simple shift of awareness if it wasn’t so tightly woven into the fabric of our ego. So our journey begins to make sacred and request help. Each Sunday for a month I will guide you deeply and safely beyond the liminal embarking on this shamanic process of ‘birthing’ your bowl with journey and drum. Working with clay I will see you through the process of forming, informing, and decorating your bowl. Culminating in the final ‘live’ raku firing. Like Fire, dynamic and unpredictable, raku is a method of adhering glaze – skin – to body, under going a process of thermal shock; the result of which reveals archeology of fractures, and weakness as Beauty. The bones of this work will be framed within the shamanic journey and around ancient symbol. Instruction will given to you on how to use this as a sacred tool.


All day Virtual Tree Journey Introduction 10 – 3pm

An exploratory embodied drawing practise where we partner up and dip into the ancient language and alphabet of the Celtic tree oghams. Applying marks, words, observing pattern and texture. This is a deep listening and close observation practise. The direct result of which may enhance your ‘seership’ skills, and a great introduction to shamanism. This is for anyone seeking their own ‘map’ and safe navigation through and between the liminal using Nature, Tree, and Pattern as ally. If you are interested in shamanism, developing a spiritual practise and you enjoy the unexpected. This leads into the ‘In Situ’ Saturday morning 10 – 11:30 sessions starting in June £15 email: for further info.


Drawing in Nature

……It is good for us to draw a line at some point…… This is a half day retreat emmersing ourselves in nature to improve our creative well being. We shall begin the day with a guided meditation spending time grounding and setting our intentions for the day. We will then explore and walk amongst the ancient trees of Hoar wood. Using various methods I will encourage you to sharpen your senses to the world of the trees, and drop into a space of deep listening / observing. Heightening our perceptions, noticing our reflections in nature helps us to see more clearly. Improving our drawing and general creative wellbeing.


The art of ceremony and sacred offerings.

I love creating sacred space. It is an act of pure creativity. We will explore creating altars, clearing space using herbs, resins and essences, and imbuing objects. We will also explore the act of preparing ourselves and our voices for sacred intention.


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