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Stepping out of our everyday and working through our hearts we have the opportunity to change our minds……

Finding Your Nature offers a process of learning, healing and awareness through sacred practise, bi-monthly circles, and creative skill-based workshops. With the intention of facilitating others in their unfolding from a place of authenticity and integrity. Understanding that embarking on our hero’s journey and finding our bliss – finding your nature – is to learn our own minds enough so that we may fully embody our heart, and learn to overcome the conflicts that arise within us on our paths.  Remembering and recalling our ancient practices, innate healing ability and the power of ceremony and ritual. Choosing awareness, intention and insight allows us to partner up with, what I call, our  ‘Creative Energy Potential’. 

  Emily trained in Sculpture & Performance in the late 80’s with artist John Newling.  She went on to work as a freelance art director, stylist and costume designer for various companies such as MTV, BBC, Channel 4, and the History Channel including sculptural commissions for the late, great Alexander McQueen. She moved to East Sussex in 2005 when she had her two children.  She is a fully qualified teacher, a certified Shamanic practitioner. Emily also holds a certificate in counselling skills.  

She has 20 years experience of working in various institutions, behavioural units and facilitating workshops in colleges and museum environments. She is also a self taught potter and ceramicist.

Emily has been initiated into the mesa, carrying traditions of the Q’ero from the high Andes and the teachings of the medicine wheel. Through her personal process she spent years in analysis and person-centred therapy. Attending a weekly spiritual development circle which led her to shamanism and indigenous wisdom – with a keen lifelong interest in First Nation and indigenous cultures, having spent time teaching in Colombia and exploring the Sierra Nevada to seek the Kogi’s some decades earlier. She became drawn to the teachings of The Sacred Trust and embarked on various indigenous healing modalities taught by the founder, shaman and anthropologist Simon Buxton. She went on to attend the ‘Darkness Visible’,  a 5 day and night immersion in ceremonial Darkness as a shamanic tool. At the same time attending the rigorous three year professional training.  She continues to learn by attending  courses and is inspired from many other great teachers and writers such as Stephen Jenkinson, Gabor Mate’s approach of  ‘Compassionate Inquiry’,  Sandra Ingerman, Joseph Campbell and Carl Jung. She can be found drumming along the hedges and coastlines of East Sussex.  



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“….our ability to fall in love with being alive comes from our willingness to forego the future for the sake of the present that we have been intrusted with….”

Stephen Jenkinson ………..soundcloud recording 2016 Paul Dolman

There is, a light and energy of this universe,  built on Love and Compassion – a  ‘Fierce Compassion’ that we would do well to trust and honour.

Please see http://www.emilyticehurstceramics.com for further reading.

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