Mindless & Heartfelt



Stepping out of our everyday and working through our hearts we have the opportunity to change our minds……

Finding Your Nature offers a process of learning, healing and awareness through sacred practise and creative skill-based workshops.

My Intention is to facilitate others unfolding, from a place of authenticity and integrity. Focusing on the spiritual, creative aspect of our human being-ness. Understanding that embarking on our hero’s journey, finding our bliss, Finding Our Nature is to learn our own minds enough so that we may fully embody our heart, and learn to overcome the conflicts that arise within us on this path.

Having over 20 years experience working as an artist and teaching children and adults in creative practices, schools, museums, behaviour facilities, I understand the Institution of our minds when it comes to creativity. How we all seem to regress when it comes to applying our hand and making our mark, because we have missed out the most important part of this line, our heart. This is the moment where I would like to gently Interrupt, where I’d like to help wake you up. It is from this moment, we can Listen in depth, chose Awareness, Intention and Insight. Partnering up with  – what I call and name – our  ‘Creative Energy Potential’. 



Seeking to combine these and other insights, shamanic teachings and revelations. Expanding into community where it is needed most.

Holding creativity at the heart. 


“….our ability to fall in love with being alive comes from our willingness to forego the future for the sake of the present that we have been intrusted with….”

Stephen Jenkinson ………..soundcloud recording 2016 Paul Dolman

I also offer shamanic healing. Including but not limited to 1:1. I welcome family members and friends to attend, in fact this can contribute greatly to a healing. Initial enquiries by phone, face to face meeting or online. There are many questions which arise in the first instance, but the most important thing is to be open to your own healing process and committed to any integration work that will be asked of you following the session.

There is, a light and energy of this universe,  built on Love and Compassion – a  ‘Fierce Compassion’ that we would do well to trust and honour.

Please see http://www.emilyticehurstceramics.com for further reading.

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