“Stepping out of our everyday and working through our hearts we have the opportunity to change our minds……” ET

I am an artist ( WWW.EmilyTicehurstCeramics.com ) and qualified as a secondary art teacher over 20 years ago. I  have spent those years teaching on and off in schools, behavioural units, colleges, museums, and facilitating workshops for children and adults and enjoy the dynamic of teaching outside the constraints of a classroom or institution.   Standing next to the student as teacher,  next to the teacher as student.

Finding your Nature offers a process of learning, healing and awareness through sacred practise and creative skill-based workshops. Seeking to act as a vehicle for change in your life.  Seeking to combine and to share the insights, teachings, revelations. Expanding  into community where it is needed most, and holding creativity at the heart.


My Journey To Now

During my late 20’s I  remember attending talks at Alternatives, Piccadilly listening to David Whyte. Being greatly inspired at that time by Ralph Blum explaining his story of the ancient viking Runes at The College of Psychic Studies, in London. I continued to explore these unseen worlds and systems. Yet unable at that time to trust what I was being shown. In the early 90’s I travelled to Colombia and taught at a school in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta.  I spent time trekking in the mountains seeking the Kogi. They had sent a message to us by way of a BBC documentary –  a warning of impending climate crisis. I was fascinated with their cosmology and divinatory methods.  I wasn’t allowed to meet one of their elders known as Mamos,  but was allowed access off the usual tourist trail, to their land and ancient sites, staying amongst the campasinos and their close neighbours the Arhuacos indians. 

I spent a number of years in personal therapy, receiving healing, sitting in spiritual development circles, leading me to the medicine wheel, initiations, and mesa teachings of the Q’ero cosmology of the high Andes. Forever seeking authenticity, and connection with my own ‘indigeny’.  

Over the last 5 years  I have attended stand alone classical shamanic trainings at The Sacred Trust, in Dorset,  namely Psychopomp work, Death and the Dying, Soul Retrieval and Darkness Visible and more recently just completed The 3 Year Professional Shamanic Practitioner course under the tutelage of anthropologist Simon Buxton, founder and director of The Sacred Trust.

My aim is to facilitate others journeys from a place of authenticity and integrity. Understanding that to embark on our hero’s journey,  we need to know our own minds, and the conflicts that can arise within us on this path. There is, a light and energy of this universe,  built on Love and Compassion – a  ‘Fierce Compassion’ that we would do well to trust and honour.




“….our ability to fall in love with being alive comes from our willingness to forego the future for the sake of the present that we have been intrusted with….”

Stephen Jenkinson ………..soundcloud recording 2016 Paul Dolman

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