If you are reading this you are all-ready and curious.  So “Thank you”  for finding your way here.

Stepping out of our everyday and working through our hearts we have the opportunity to change our minds.

Finding your Nature is a process of learning and awareness through a series of Sacred practises and creative skill-based workshops. Sacred Play, if you like.  I am passionate about changing the way we see things and ourselves through creativity. This work can help to reduce stress and perhaps act as a vehicle for changing your perceptions, minds and ways of seeing things.  The intention is to invite the sense of awe and curiosity back into your life. To receive Direct Revelation form spirit through journeying and other activities. A chance to explore how you can BE your best for yourself when you DO. Finding your nature will allow you to partner up with the unknown and your best self. A Sacred Partnership, a partnership with a heart-full and mind-less approach.

Personally,  I have spent over 20 years teaching in class rooms and facilitating workshops as a fully qualified secondary teacher, undergoing transformational therapy and teachings, including the Q’ero Medicine Wheel and ongoing training in Classical Shamanism.   I have so far ‘witnessed’ / ‘evidenced’  enough to know that if we can shift our ‘way of seeing’  we can access real answers to our problems. We can reinvent, remember and re-create.

“….our ability to fall in love with being alive comes from our willingness to forego the future for the sake of the present that we have been intrusted with….”

Stephen Jenkinson ………..soundcloud recording 2016 Paul Dolman

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