Gathering in Circle

 We have gathered in Circles since our perception of time began. I find there is something incredibly healing about sitting shoulder to shoulder with another and facing a centre lit by the flame. A sense of the primordial, a feeling of ‘coming home’. We gather round, to step outside of linear time to join the mythic, the cosmic. To petition all things sacred. To call in the wisdom keepers, the Unseen, the Mystery. To listen to, to be listened to, to be inspired, to be held, and to hold, to become part of a whole. We gather to remember, we gather to heal. Like shamanism, like the drum, like the cyclical laws of nature, these are primordial aspects of our human beingness. I am finding that Circles are infinitely rich, mysteriously magical, diverse, sometimes hilarious and infinitely abundant places. Regular attendance will deepen your intuition and seership skills.

We meet in the yurt at 8 pm prompt, roughly twice a month. Aligning with specific phases of the moon and or marked events of the year. Sometimes dropping into ritual. I guide you through grounding breathwork, an embodied clearing, guided meditation, and live shamanic journey. This is for experienced journeyers only, or those who have attended an introduction session or shamanic workshop led by me. Please scroll down for further information on these.

Emily, thank you so much for the circle last night, it was a very profound experience. It was a joy to meet you and the others too.”  Cara

” I want to say again thank you again for your generosity and warm holding in providing a nourishing, stimulating and beautiful full moon ritual last night. I had a blissful long sleep. Feeling a light, warm glow in my body today with images, sensations and sounds from last night coming into awareness and softly landing somewhere in my being.” MC

1 x Circle

Due to limited space in the yurt please notify me 24 hours before attending the Circle. Please note payment is non refundable and non transferable. Thanks.


4 x online sessions

If you are interested in being involved in the Circle gathering but unable to come in person, due to distance or ill health please do get in touch. PLEASE NOTE: Payment is non-refundable and non-transferable.


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